Have You Checked Your Fire Hydrant?

The following steps are required by the Fire Department based on NFPA 25, and the state.

It is the obligation of the private company to periodically inspect all private hydrants in accordance with NFPA 25. All fire hydrants require annual inspection or inspection after each operation; along with an annual flow test and maintenance (ICC).

JAG Enterprises is certified to inspect private hydrants; as well as to perform hydrant services to meet the NFPA 25 and state inspection requirements.

The private hydrant owner is responsible for the maintenance of hydrant in case of an emergency.

Fire Hydrant Inspection Services

  • Annual flushing
  • Greasing head if needed
  • Supply valve inspection including exercising valve
  • Providing an annual report to the fire department

Fire Hydrant Services

  • Raising or lowering the hydrant
  • Raising or lowering the supply valve box
  • Hydrant replacement
  • Clearing brush around the hydrant
  • Pressure testing